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If you want to move out of university accommodation

Mae’r cyngor hwn yn berthnasol i Cymru

When you move into halls of residence or other university accommodation, you enter into a legal contract. This means you’ll need to end it properly when you move out.

The rules on ending your contract depend on what type it is.

If you have a fixed-term contract

If you live in halls of residence, you’ll probably have a fixed-term contract. This means you’ve agreed to rent your accommodation for a certain period of time, usually for the academic year.

Your last day of renting is in your written statement. You don’t need to tell your university you’re leaving, but you need to move out and return the keys by the last day.

If you don’t move out when your contract ends, it’ll automatically become a periodic contract. With a periodic contract, you’ll have to give 4 weeks notice to end it.

If you want to move out before the end of the fixed term, you can only end your contract early if:

  • there’s a break clause in your contract that allows you to end it early - the break clause should say how much notice you have to give
  • your landlord agrees - this is called surrender

You should speak to your landlord if you need to move out before the end of your fixed-term contract. They might agree in some situations - for example, if you can’t finish your course because of a health problem.

If you leave without your landlord’s permission, you’ll have to pay rent until your contract ends, even if you don’t live there.

You won’t have to continue paying if you or your landlord finds someone to replace you.

If you have a periodic contract

A periodic contract continues on a rolling basis - for example, from month to month.

Periodic contracts are less common in halls of residence. If you have a periodic contract and want to move out, you’ll have to give notice to end it.

It’s best to keep a copy of the written notice that you give your landlord. If you’re posting it, you should use recorded delivery or some other signed for service.

Make sure the letter is dated and clearly says when you’ll move out.

You can check how to end your contract.

Getting your deposit back

If you paid a deposit at the beginning of your contract, your landlord should return it to you within 28 days of your contract ending.

It's reasonable for your landlord to take money from the deposit to cover some things. For example, damage to the property or furniture or rent you owe.

Your landlord can’t use your deposit to cover damage caused by fair wear and tear. This means things that gradually get worse or need replacing over time - for example, paintwork.

You can check how to get your deposit back.

Subletting your accommodation

You can only sublet your accommodation if your contract allows it. Check your written statement to see if it does.

If your written statement doesn’t say anything about subletting, you can’t sublet your accommodation.

Even if you’re allowed to sublet, your landlord probably won’t let you rent it out to someone who’s not a student at your university.

You can check if you can sublet your accommodation.

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