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If you're being evicted from university accommodation

Mae’r cyngor hwn yn berthnasol i Cymru

If you live in university accommodation, how you behave can affect your right to live there. You have to follow the rules of both:

  • your university’s disciplinary procedures and codes of conduct
  • your occupation contract

You can find your university’s disciplinary procedures and codes on their website. You can also ask them for a copy.

If you breach your contract, your university can use their disciplinary procedures to deal with the problem.

For example, if you deliberately set off the fire alarm, they could give you a fine.

If the issue was very serious, your university could ask you to leave and start legal action to evict you. They can’t evict you right away - the university needs to follow the proper legal steps.

If your university wants to evict you

Your university has to send you an eviction notice first. You’ll usually have 1 month’s notice period.

Your exact notice period depends on the type of eviction notice you get. This can be either:

If you were given an eviction notice before 1 December 2022, there are different rules - you should talk to an adviser.

If you think your eviction is unfair

You should contact your student union or talk to an adviser.

If you owe rent at the end of your academic year

Your university might not let you continue your studies or graduate until you pay off the rent you owe or set up a repayment plan.

Check your university’s disciplinary procedures and codes to find out what they do if you owe rent.

You might be able to challenge your university’s decision. You can:

If you need help making a complaint, contact your university’s Student Advice Service, if there is one. You can also talk to an adviser.

Harassment and illegal eviction

You have the right not to be harassed or illegally evicted by your landlord - for example if they’ve changed the locks while you were out.

Harassment and illegal eviction are criminal offences, which means that your landlord could be prosecuted.

If you think your landlord harassed or evicted you illegally, talk to an adviser.

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