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Improving energy supplier performance information - energy supplier comparison tool consultation - closed

26 Gorffennaf 2016

As the statutory body responsible for representing the interests of consumers in the energy sector, a core function of the Citizens Advice service under the Consumers, Estate Agents and Redress Act 2000, is the dissemination of advice and information to energy consumers. Under the Utilities Act 2000 Citizens Advice have the explicit responsibility to publish information about the energy market, including data about the performance of domestic energy suppliers.

The Citizens Advice energy team, working closely with other teams across the organisation, source and publish energy supplier performance information. We believe that there is scope to improve the current provision of performance information, and create greater value to energy consumers.

Earlier this year the energy team commenced a project (in line with priority work areas set out for Citizens Advice 2016-17 consumer work plan) to explore how domestic energy supplier performance information published by Citizens Advice, can be further developed. The energy supplier comparison tool project aims to:

  • Improve the performance information published by Citizens Advice, making it more accessible to consumers.

  • Better coordinate how supplier performance information is published.

  • Improve how supplier performance information can be shared between Citizens Advice and other organisations.

The project has already begun exploring how existing performance information can be published alongside new information, in a format that is clear and consistent. We envisage the end solution for this project to be an online tool that ranks energy suppliers according to a set of individual metrics as well as an overall performance rating. It is essential for the metrics and overall rating to be robust, independent and impartial, in order to be a credible representation of energy supplier performance. This consultation process is intended to inform the project and ensure that the tool we deliver provides value to consumers, energy suppliers and stakeholders across the industry.

The consultation document [ 380 kb] and appendices (A [ 490 kb], B [ 280 kb], C [ 51 kb] and D [ 77 kb]) set out our proposals to publish new energy supplier performance information and the format we wish to do this in. Citizens Advice welcomes responses from suppliers, key stakeholders and any other interested parties on the issues raised in this document. Responses to this consultation should be submitted in writing before the deadline of 5pm on 9 September 2016. Please email your response to: