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Supplier of Last Resort - good practice guide (updated)

14 Tachwedd 2019

Supplier of Last Resort - good practice guide (updated) [ 340 kb]

In a competitive market, company failure is a possibility that can never be ruled out. While a trade sale of a failing energy supplier remains Ofgem’s preferred outcome, this is not always possible. The Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) procedure was established in 2003 to ensure that when supplier failure occurs, affected domestic consumers are guaranteed continuity of supply.

Recently, the SoLR process has been activated repeatedly as an increasing

number of energy suppliers have exited the market. This guide is an updated

version of a good practice guide which we produced in March 2019.

The guide is designed to highlight common issues in the SoLR process so that we can provide suggestions of good practice. It is also designed to help suppliers, administrators and debt collection agencies (DCA’s) understand Citizen Advice’s role as a consumer advocate in this process, and understand what kinds of information we need to be able to help consumers.