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Take Charge: An analysis of the domestic electric vehicle tariff market

28 Ionawr 2019

Take Charge [ 4.2 mb]

Electricity tariffs tailored for electric vehicle (EV) owners are on the rise, as the number of EVs on our roads increases. Most of these EV tariffs offer specialised features to new customers, which include a range of ways to help EV owners save money when it comes to charging their EV.

As this tariff market grows, it becomes increasingly important to understand EV owners’ experience of these tariffs and identify any problems they may have.

Citizens Advice has the statutory responsibility for representing energy consumers in Britain. We want to ensure that changes in the energy market are built around people’s needs and their behaviours.

For this research, we analysed information available online to establish what tariffs are available to EV owners, whether they are good value for different types of EV drivers and energy users, and if certain customer groups are excluded from the potential benefits.