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Welfare policy research

Welfare and benefits forms the largest area of advice we deliver at Citizens Advice. This gives us some of the clearest insights into the way in which the system works and the challenges it poses.

Our research is focused on using our data and expertise to make the case for a system which is more responsive to the needs and circumstances of its users. This includes helping policymakers understand the impact of changes, working for better service design and highlighting the importance of robust advice and support.

Find out about all our welfare policy work.

Failed by the system

Dydd Iau, 24 Mehefin 2010

Why the Employment and Support Allowance isn't working for people living with cancer

Disability and universal credit

Dydd Mawrth, 10 Gorffennaf 2012

The Children's Society, Disability Rights UK and Citizens Advice report on disability and universal credit.