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Mortgage problems

Check what help is available if you’re struggling with your mortgage payments, and what to do if your mortgage lender wants to evict you

Reducing your monthly mortgage payments

Check how to cut down your mortgage costs, including how to reduce your monthly payments and switch mortgage lender.

Help dealing with mortgage debts

Different options which might be available to help clear your mortgage debt and pay back the money you owe to your lender.

If you want to sell your home and rent it back

Check the risks of using sale and rent back schemes and the rules firms must follow.

Selling your property to help pay off your mortgage debts

Check what to think about before selling your property and what to do if you won’t make enough money to pay back your debts.

If your mortgage lender takes you to court

What to do if you get court papers, including how to fill in your defence form and what will happen at court.

After your possession hearing

Check what the outcome of your court hearing means, and whether you can change a possession order.

Eviction for mortgage arrears

Check whether you can stop your eviction, and what to do if you can’t.