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Broadband must be made affordable for everyone

28 January 2021

Broadband must be made affordable for everyone [ 1.1 mb]

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how indispensable broadband is. It has allowed people to continue to manage their lives. Working and studying online, accessing benefits and banking all require a reliable, stable connection.

Even before the pandemic, we were concerned that many people couldn’t afford broadband. Millions more have now lost income and fallen into debt, making broadband unaffordable at the very moment it’s most needed. After the pandemic, making sure everyone has access will be crucial to rebuilding the economy. 

We strongly back Ofcom’s call for all providers to offer an affordable tariff for people on low incomes. 

The European Electronic Communications Code was transposed into national legislation in December 2020. With approval from the Secretary of State, Ofcom can now require providers to introduce affordable broadband tariffs in the UK.