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Citizens Advice letter in support of Smart Energy GB’s microbusiness consultation

21 August 2019

Citizens Advice supports the specific targeting of microbusinesses in the smart meter roll-out.

Here’s our letter in support of Smart Energy GB’s microbusiness consultation. [ 250 kb]

As longtime advocates for microbusiness consumers, Citizens Advice [supports Smart Energy GB’s microbusiness consultation] aimed specifically at expanding the installation of smart meters in the microbusiness sector.

Microbusinesses present a huge opportunity to enable a large user base whilst achieving substantial energy savings, and there is a need to accelerate action. Determining the needs of microbusinesses is an important task to ensure a positive experience for consumers during the roll-out, and in subsequent engagement.

In our supporting letter we reiterate our existing policy recommendations. These include: ensuring basic access to data at no cost; concentrating communications efforts on reducing businesses’ demand; and, ensuring suppliers use the installation process as an opportunity to promote demand reduction.

Citizens Advice is committed to ensuring all consumers, including microbusinesses, are at the heart of a rapidly changing energy market. We encourage Smart Energy GB to work in partnerships with trusted stakeholders as much as possible. We will also continue to engage with Smart Energy GB and the government to ensure the smart meter roll-out is carried out effectively.