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Citizens Advice responds to Ofgem’s Energy Code Governance Reform Call for input

21 February 2023

Energy Code Governance Reform Citizens Advice response to Ofgem’s call for input [ 150 kb]

Citizens Advice welcomes the aims of code reform. We support making codes simpler, more efficient, easier to engage with and more adaptable to important market changes which deliver benefits to all end consumers.

In this response we set out recommendations of how Ofgem should pursue a wider range of code consolidation options in more detail than currently proposed. 

We recommend that a consolidated charging code across distribution and transmission voltages may result in the greatest consumer benefits. We also recommend that more detailed analysis is needed to understand the potential benefits of any code that consolidates parts of existing electricity and gas codes.

We also highlight how greater attention needs to be paid to how Ofgem will ensure consumer protections and interests are put at the heart of code reform, particularly as a result of disbanding voting code panels.