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Heat networks: building a market framework

1 June 2020

Heat networks: building a market framework [ 220 kb]

Citizens Advice welcomes the opportunity to respond to this important and timely consultation on the regulation of heat networks in the UK. 

Citizens Advice has been concerned for some time about the potential and actual detriment being experienced by consumers of heat networks. In 2015, prior to the notifications under the Heat Metering and Billing Regulations and prompted by contacts from heat network customers, we began a programme of research to better understand heat networks and the experiences of their consumers. Since then, and despite the lack of readily available or accessible data, we have commissioned and published a variety of research documents highlighting the issues faced by heat network customers. 

Therefore, this consultation is particularly welcome and at a time where a national pandemic threatens the way of life for so many, greater protections for consumers couldn’t be more necessary. These protections are especially important for those who have less choice over their energy use in an essential services market which is crucial for health and wellbeing.