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Response to erroneous transfers working group consultation

26 May 2017

Response to erroneous transfers working group consultation [ 300 kb]

Erroneous transfers are switches which occur without the consumer’s consent, or where the wrong meter is switched by mistake. These failed switches can reduce consumer confidence in the switching process and cause consumers hassle, stress and sometimes financial loss.

The erroneous transfers working group was set up to consider how the energy industry can improve the switching experience in the short term and drive down the occurrence of erroneous transfers in advance of Ofgem’s broader switching reforms, which will come into effect in 2020.

We have called for the current voluntary compensation scheme for erroneous transfers to become mandatory across all suppliers, and for the level of this compensation to increase from £20 to £30.

We support the work of the group in looking at ways to reduce erroneous transfers where these do not add hassle for consumers wanting to switch. We also support the creation of better performance assurance reporting, so that the code bodies and regulator can identify bad practice by suppliers and take action to resolve this. This reporting will also track progress across industry in driving down the number of erroneous transfers that occur.