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Response to Ofgem’s Targeted Charing Review: a consultation

18 May 2017

Response to Ofgem’s Targeted Charing Review [ 200 kb]

We have argued for some time (and most recently in response to the issue of Embedded benefits) that a holistic review of charging is needed in response to transition to dynamic and distributed energy system of the future. We think that is it important to initiate this this work now in order to tackle the distortions that are currently present. These distortions make the the network less efficient,  and prevent benefits of the transition of being realised for energy consumers.

We also think it is important to tackle the issues of charging in a holistic way. Because these are complex arrangements,  with many interdependencies only a holistic process, such as a significant code review (SCR), can deliver the strategic changes that are required to make it successful. It is also important to use the SCR process to ensure that the changes are timely, and that these are carried out in an objective manner.