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Consultation on our Draft Consumer Workplan for 2024-25

16 January 2024

Consultation on our Draft Consumer Workplan for 2024-25 [ 1.7 mb]

This is our draft consumer workplan for the year April 2024 to March 2025. It sets out our plans in the energy and postal markets, where we are the statutory advocate for household and small business consumers, and also how we will monitor and push for better outcomes in other consumer markets.

It outlines our priorities for the year ahead which include preparing to set up our new advice and advocacy functions for consumers on heat networks in England and Wales.  

We would welcome your feedback - is it laser focused on the key things that will improve consumer outcomes, or should we be prioritising different things? We’ll consider all the feedback received when we finalise it later in the spring. 

Please provide any comments or feedback to, no later than close of business on Tuesday 27 February 2024.