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Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) Environmental Action Plans Review - Baringa Partners

23 March 2022

Citizens Advice, working with Sustainability First, another charity, commissioned Baringa Partners to undertake research on the Environmental Action Plans (EAPs) of the electricity distribution network operator (DNO) companies. These EAPs are important as they show the aims and detailed proposals that the DNOs have made to improve their own environmental impacts as well as their impacts within the wider energy system.

Baringa found that:

  • There was disparity in rigour and ambition in the EAPs

  • Performance was difficult to compare between DNOs and over time for any single DNO

  • The Ofgem baseline expectations for EAPs was too high level and further specific guidance would reduce ambiguity

The research made recommendations to address some of the root causes of shortcomings identified within the plans. These recommendations are directed at the DNOs, and the regulator, Ofgem:

Drive standardisation in metrics and report formats to assist comparability of plans and outcomes

Collaborate much further to accelerate the scope and pace of change, and to improve comparability, benchmarking and innovation

Incentivise collaboration and eliminate impediments to collaboration

The full research report can be read here:

Baringa Partners DNO Environmental Action Plans Review  [ 0.54 mb]