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Future Energy Consumers: Views from our digital series

16 November 2020

Future Energy Consumers: Views from our digital series [ 2.1 mb]

In 2018 Citizens Advice kicked off a 2 year programme of research and advocacy on the future of the energy market. The energy market transition is being driven by a number of factors, including technology, legislation, consumer demand and concerns about the climate emergency. Energy is an essential service, and everybody should benefit from the changes and improvements to the market. 

The findings from this programme of research were used to develop our vision of the future energy market that is inclusive by design, facilitates innovation, and is fair and accessible to all.

In Summer 2020 we hosted 4 digital workshops to share and discuss this vision. We heard from a wide range of stakeholders, including people from across industry, government, the regulator and academia.  The workshops focused on understanding and overcoming the barriers that might prevent people from being able to access and interact with the future energy market. 

Stakeholders identified 3 key issues that need to be addressed to ensure that all consumers can engage with, and benefit from, the future energy market: 

  • Communication with consumers
  • Engaging all consumers
  • Regulation and consumer protection

This report gives more detail on the discussions at the workshops. Citizens Advice has also set out some of the possible actions and next steps for government, Ofgem and industry, based on the feedback given at the workshops.