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Future Network Regulation: Delivering a regulatory framework fit for the future

24 October 2022

Effective network regulation will be key to delivering the network infrastructure needed for a net zero world while still providing value for money for the consumers that are paying for it.

This report has recommendations for the government and Ofgem, the energy regulator, on how to improve the regulatory framework for these network companies so that they can effectively and cost-efficiently manage the pipes and wires that deliver energy to us, and balance the energy system. 

This report builds on our research with key stakeholders who provided their perspectives on what works well in the current framework, and what needs to be done to improve shortcomings.

While the current price control framework, known as ‘RIIO’, is largely viewed as positive, there are changes needed to make it fit for the future. Our recommendations, if implemented, should enable a regulatory system that is more flexible, adaptive to changing conditions, that more fully incorporates consumers’ views, and is cheaper and more efficient to run. 

Change needs to happen at pace to ensure that consumers get the services that they deserve at the right cost.

You can read our short summary report and recommendations here: 

Future Network Regulation: Delivering a regulatory framework fit for the future  [ 1.1 mb]

Underlying full stakeholder research report: 

Delta EE - Exploring alternative regulation of energy networks and systems  [ 0.69 mb]