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The end of the beginning

29 July 2020

The end of the beginning [ 4.6 mb]

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected all areas of society, including the energy sector, since it began. 

At Citizens Advice we have supported people through the lockdown period, while working in new ways - much as energy suppliers have. This has been a deeply challenging time, and many energy companies have worked hard to support their customers through it.

As we transition out of lockdown, and into a period of living with COVID-19 for many months to come, this report looks at the energy consumer experience so far and how we think people need to be supported going forward. 

In particular, we set out the actions we think energy suppliers, Ofgem and government need to take to:

  • Support prepayment customers and help keep them on supply

  • Protect people who have built up debts during COVID-19

  • Ensure proactive support is targeted at those who need it

  • Provide good levels of customer service and safely return to home visits, like smart meter installations