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Best Practice Guide for Parcel Complaints

5 December 2019

Best Practice Guide for Parcel Complaints  [ 17 mb]

The parcels markets is now a regular feature of people’s lives, with the average household receiving 15 parcels a year, and 1 in 3 of us sending a parcel at least once a month. Whilst consumers report they are for the most part satisfied with parcel services, our research found that when things go wrong they can be frustrating and difficult to resolve for consumers. 

The 3 consumer advocates have created this guide to support parcel operators create complaints handling processes that are clear, concise and easy to navigate. It’s based both on our research with consumers, who have told us their frustrations with and expectations for the complaints process, and on our conversations with operators. We hope it can be used by operators to guide them towards complaints handling processes that are simple to understand, stress-free, and create the best outcomes for consumers.