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Delivery charter for disabled consumers

29 November 2018
Disabled consumers should be a priority group for retailers - 13.3 million people in the UK have a disability and together they influence more than £80 billion of spending each year. However - our research shows that online shopping and delivery services aren’t meeting their needs:
  1. Almost 1 in 3 disabled consumers missed a delivery because they weren't given enough time to get to the door
  2. 1 in 4 feel rushed, anxious or irritated when signing for deliveries at home
  3. And 1 in 10 told us that they avoid using home delivery services because its too difficult
As the statutory advocate for postal consumers, we're calling on retailers and parcel operators to sign up to our delivery charter for disabled consumers and work together to ensure disabled consumers have the access they need to online shopping and delivery services.
The charter calls on retailers and parcel operators to:
  • Work together to allow disabled consumers to specify any additional delivery needs (such as additional time to get to the door) they may have
  • Ensure that all pick up and drop off points meet the needs of disabled consumers by:

    • Providing level access to the building - or a ramp if this is not possible

    • Providing clear information online and in store on the accessibility features available at each pick up and drop off point (eg parking facilities, level access, portable pin pads)

    • Annually reviewing accessibility features at each location to ensure provisions are available and information is up to date and share refresher good practice guide.

    • Taking accessibility into account when tendering for new locations