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Post - the state of the sector in 2022

10 March 2022

Post - the state of the sector in 2022 [ 1.3 mb]

This briefing reviews the state of the postal sector at the start of 2022. We look at trends across Great Britain over the previous 3 years with a focus on developments during the last year. 

We set out the main issues we’ve seen and consider the trends going forward that will affect the experience of consumers throughout the post sector.

We draw on data and case studies from a range of sources, including the Consumer Service helpline, local Citizens Advice case management information, unique views of online advice content, a telephone survey of 4,000 adults and analysis of Post Office Ltd data. 

Our research confirms that despite the ongoing fall in letter volumes, letters remain important in people’s everyday lives. However, many people had problems with the reliability of their postal service. 

An increasing number of parcels are being sent and received, but people have experienced more parcel problems since Covid. The majority of online shoppers have had a delivery problem. 

Almost everyone uses post offices and people use a wide range of Post Office services. The rising proportion of post offices provided as part-time outreach services and the significant number of temporarily closed post offices have made it harder for many individuals and small businesses to access services.