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Corporate Volunteering

Citizens Advice and our network of independent charities helps millions of people every year. We offer confidential advice online, over the phone and in person, for free, to help people find a way forward.

Over the last year, demand for our Adviceline has more than tripled with calls from people in crisis over soaring costs for energy and everyday essentials. Demand that shows no signs of slowing down. We're trying hard to find ways we can increase our capacity to make sure people have access to the support they need.

By supporting Citizens Advice through our corporate volunteering programme you can directly support local communities. We offer rewarding and meaningful opportunities for your employees to use their skills to make a real impact. We have a range of roles designed to meet the different needs of the local Citizens Advice network.

Contact us

If you’d like to find out more about corporate volunteering, please email our Corporate Partnerships team.

Ways you can volunteer

Direct advice delivery

Adviser programme

“The experiences I have had in helping people so far have really made me feel good about Citizens Advice and my contribution. It is clearly such a vital role and is used by so many people from different lives and backgrounds, with different problems. I'm proud to be part of a valuable service!” - Adviser volunteer, corporate programme.

As an information and advice giving volunteer with Citizens Advice, your employees will offer vital support to their local community and the Citizens Advice network.Our Adviser programme gives corporate volunteers the opportunity to engage directly with Citizens Advice clients and make a positive impact on their lives. Employees who participate in this programme will be able to share their experiences and training with their peers to build skills and understanding across your organisation.

Skill sharing


“[I] have thoroughly enjoyed it and have got a glimpse into a new industry as a result. My mentee has been nothing short of amazing.” - Mentor, corporate volunteering programme.

Our mentoring programme provides a rewarding opportunity for your employees to use their knowledge, skills and experience to mentor Citizens Advice staff members around areas of identified need such as strategy, leadership, technology, and more.

Skill sharing

“I think it’s a great opportunity, not just to help other people, but to learn something for yourself.” – Skill-sharing volunteer, corporate programme.

Through skill-sharing roles your employees can share specific skills and knowledge with Citizens Advice. We can work with you to develop rewarding skill sharing opportunities for your employees which could include:

  • Delivering masterclasses or mini-workshops

  • Sharing expertise as a critical friend

  • Supporting local Citizens Advice in skills-based roles

Email us at to find out more about corporate volunteering with Citizens Advice.

More about corporate volunteering

A positive volunteering experience

It’s important to us that your employees feel supported and enjoy their experience of volunteering with Citizens Advice. That's why we make the following commitments to each of our corporate volunteers:

  • Volunteers will have a named contact at National Citizens Advice who will be able to answer any questions they may have, big or small.
  • Volunteers will receive all the information and training (where required) to undertake their role.
  • Volunteers will be fully briefed and know what is expected of them in their role.
  • If involved in direct advice delivery, volunteers will be given the opportunity to work with clients of Citizens Advice, gain first-hand experience of the work we do and develop a better understanding of the challenges people in our society face.

Flexible volunteering

We aim to ensure there's something for everyone when it comes to volunteering with Citizens Advice. 

Accessibility is important to us and we strive to offer:

  • Remote and face-to-face opportunities 

  • Short and long term time commitments

  • Client and non-client facing roles

  • Opportunities that can be completed both inside and outside of traditional office hours

We have a core programme of corporate volunteer opportunities that are currently available across most locations or remotely. Alongside these we can also explore bespoke opportunities to ensure an impactful and meaningful experience for your organisation and Citizens Advice. 

Benefits of corporate volunteering

Each employee gets something different from their corporate volunteering experience at Citizens Advice, including the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives, meet new people and build connections with their local community.

“This opportunity has already enriched my life in ways I could never have imagined; I honestly think it has changed me (for the better) forever. I think corporate partners who support Citizens Advice through corporate volunteering get back individuals who have gained knowledge and skills outside of the strict confines of the corporate world. It has been such a positive experience to me that I am truly enthusiastic about returning to my employer and giving back to the company some of what has been given to me through this opportunity.” - Adviser volunteer, corporate programme

Evaluating your impact

We can work with you to agree specific targets and KPI’s from the start of the corporate volunteering programme and offer impact measurement and reporting to help you clearly understand and demonstrate the success of the programme.

Other volunteering opportunities

Find out about our wider volunteer roles across the Citizens Advice network by visiting our Volunteer roles at local Citizens Advice page.