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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Overview and content list for settling a consumer problem out of court.

Using alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

When Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can be used to resolve a consumer complaint, the types of ADR available – conciliation, adjudication, arbitration and Ombudsman schemes, and who offers ADR.

Who offers alternative dispute resolution (ADR)?

Who offers alternative dispute resolution services to help resolve your consumer problem.

Using arbitration to solve your consumer problem

When and why to use arbitration under a code of practice to resolve a consumer complaint, who offers arbitration, how much it will cost, how much you can claim, and how long it will take.

How an arbitrator decides the outcome of a consumer complaint

How the arbitrator makes a decision in a consumer complaint and what happens if you win or lose the case.

Making a claim for arbitration under a code of practice

How you should fill in the claim form when you’ve decided to apply for arbitration for a consumer complaint under a code of practice and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) is handling the case.

Complaining to the telecommunications ombudsman

If your complaint to your TV, phone or internet service provider has not been successful, you can pass the complaint to a telecommunications ombudsman who will help you.

Reporting a complaint to Ofcom

What the role of Ofcom is in regulating the telecommunications industry (including phone, internet and TV service providers) and when you should report an issue to them.

Complaining to an ombudsman about consumer issues

When and how to complain to the Ombudsman about a consumer issue, which Ombudsman to use and what the Ombudsman can do.