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If you're being evicted because you asked for repairs

This advice applies to Wales

Check if this advice applies to you

This advice applies if you have an occupation contract with a private landlord.

If you have an occupation contract, your landlord should have given you a written statement. Check your written statement - it will say that you have an occupation contract.

Even if you don’t have a written statement, you’ll still usually have an occupation contract if you:

  • don’t live with your landlord
  • started renting on or after 15 January 1989

If you’re not sure, or you have a different kind of agreement with a private landlord, check your contract or tenancy type if you rent from a private landlord.

Your landlord has to make sure your home is safe to live in and do repairs if you need them.

They can’t make you leave your home just for asking them to do repairs or to make your home safe. Your landlord has to follow a proper eviction process if they want you to leave.

If your landlord tries to evict you because you asked for repairs or asked them to make your home safe, this is known as ‘retaliatory eviction’. You might be able to challenge a retaliatory eviction.

Talk to an adviser if your landlord tries to evict you because you asked them to do repairs or make your home safe.

If you have a disability

If your landlord hasn’t made changes you need to help you live in your home, it could be discrimination.

You might be able to challenge your eviction - check what changes your landlord has to make.

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