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What to do if you're being intimidated

This advice applies to Wales

Tell the police straight away if someone tries to:

  • stop you giving evidence
  • make you give evidence that isn’t true

It’s considered intimidation if they threaten or act violently towards you, or try to bribe you - for example by offering you money.

The police can arrest someone who intimidates you - this is because they’re ‘perverting the course of justice’. The police might also:

  • give you a personal alarm
  • let you give evidence anonymously

If you’re in danger, the police might give you ‘witness protection’ - this means moving to another part of the country and getting a new identity.

You can get extra protection giving evidence if you’re being intimidated - find out about extra protection in court.

You can get emotional support from the Witness Service to help you feel safe while you’re in court. Fill in the contact form or call us on 0300 332 1000 and leave a message. The Witness Service will get back to you within 2 working days.