What to do if you're being intimidated

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You should be able to give evidence in court without feeling scared someone might harm you. If someone is doing or saying something that makes you feel scared or unsafe, they might be intimidating you.

It’s intimidation if someone is trying to stop you giving evidence or make you give evidence that isn’t true - for example by:

  • threatening you

  • acting violently towards you

  • trying to bribe you - for example, by offering you money

Check how to get help

You should tell the police you’re being intimidated - they can help keep you safe. The police can arrest the person who’s intimidating you.

If you don’t feel able to tell the police straight away, talk to someone else instead - for example, a friend, neighbour or a professional, like a doctor.

If the person intimidating you is your family member, partner or ex-partner, it might be domestic abuse. You can find out how to get help if you’ve experienced domestic abuse.

If you’re worried about giving evidence in court because you’re being intimidated, find out what extra protection you can get.

Get help from the Witness Service

You can get free and confidential help from the Witness Service.

Being intimidated can feel scary - the Witness Service can help you feel safe in court. They can help you keep away from the person who’s intimidating you as much as possible - for example, they can:

  • arrange for you to come into the court building or court room by a different entrance

  • give you a separate room to wait in before the trial

  • work out if you can arrive at the court and leave at different times

You can find out more about the Witness Service and how to get help

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