Private water supply registration and quality of supply

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If you have a private water supply you should register it with your local council’s environmental health department.

You will need to register a private water supply if it:

  • supplies 50 or more people, or more than 10m3 of water a day

  • forms part of a commercial or public activity, or is used in such an activity

  • supplies a rented property.

The quality of a private water supply can vary depending on the water source, treatment process and maintenance of it. You should be aware of the quality of your supply.

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Testing your private water supply

You should test your private water supply regularly to make sure it is good quality.

Domestic properties with a private water supply that serves less than 50 people or 10m3 of water a day do not have to be tested, but it is recommended.

You can ask your local council to test and risk assess your private water supply for you.

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Help to improve your private water supply

You can apply for a private water supply grant from your local council to help improve your private water supply.

If a number of households use the same supply, you can group your applications to apply for more than the standard amount.

There is more information about the private water supply grant on

Interruptions to private water supply

A private water supply can be interrupted by natural events or interferences. You should make sure that you check your private water supply regularly. 

If you're struggling to maintain access to running water due to the effects of dry weather spells on your private water supply, you should speak to your local council. 

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