Work out your budget

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You should immediately contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau if you've received court papers, are facing eviction or are expecting sheriff officers.

Use a budget planner tool to help you understand:

  • what you’re earning and spending

  • where you might be able to cut costs

Before you start

The planner will be most useful if you give accurate figures. You can use rough figures if you just want a general idea of your budget.

Try to find your most recent:

  • bank statements

  • payslips

  • debit and credit card statements or bills

  • receipts for things you usually pay for in cash

Make sure you include all your expenses, for example money you spend on your partner or family.

Use the budget planner

You can use the free budget planner on the MoneyHelper website.

If you get benefits that are not listed, you can add them to the planner under ‘other income’ or ‘your additional items’.