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If you encounter the police there are rules and laws about how they should behave and what your rights are. 

These pages explain what the police can and cannot do when they stop and search you, stop and question you or want to move you on. 

Police powers to stop and search, enter private property and seize goods

Information on when the police can stop and search you, how searches should be conducted, when they can enter your home and their powers to seize money and goods.

Complaints and legal action against the police

Information on how to complain about police misconduct, what you can complain about, how it is dealt with, referring a complaint to the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner and taking legal action.

If you are detained or arrested by the police

Document on your rights if you are detained, arrested and charged by the police. Information on what should happen, rights to a solicitor, time limits and taking prints and body samples.