Victims and witnesses of crime

This advice applies to Scotland. See advice for See advice for England, See advice for Northern Ireland, See advice for Wales

There is information about going to court as a victim or witness on the website.

You can also find information about the support available for victims and witnesses of crime on the website. This includes information about:

  • where to get support after a crime

  • how to get support at court

  • practical information about how the criminal justice system works

  • information about specific criminal offences.

You can find information about making a police statement on

For serious crimes, you can find out about making a victim statement on

Victims' Fund

The Fund is available for victims of crime and has the following criteria:

  • you have an urgent identified need

  • no other organisation can meet this need

  • the crime has been reported to the Police or other organisation

  • funds provided require to be declared

Organisations can apply directly to the Fund on behalf of victims. Victim Support staff can assist with the application form.

The Fund mostly provides goods and services rather than cash. This means that there is no impact on someone's financial situation, for example, benefits. 

For more details and the application form, please see the Victims' Fund on Victim Support Scotland.

If you have further questions please email

Victim Notification Scheme

There is also information about the Victim Notification Scheme on This allows some victims of crime to get information about the offender, such as the date they are going to be released from prison. They can also choose to be involved in decisions to release the offender.

Restorative justice

In some areas of Scotland you might have access to restorative justice.

Restorative justice is a voluntary, facilitated, supported process of contact between someone who has been harmed and the person who caused that harm.

Both parties must consent to the process and can withdraw at any time.

There is more information about restorative justice on the Community Justice Scotland website.