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Fair Start Scotland

This advice applies to Scotland

Fair Start Scotland 

Fair Start Scotland helps people in Scotland find work. 

It's voluntary and won't affect your existing benefits. You can't have your benefits stopped or sanctioned if you don't want to take part. 

You can take part in Fair Start if you:

  • live in Scotland 
  • are eligible to work in the UK
  • are out of work
  • are over 18 or 16/17 - if you are 16 or 17 you must either be disabled or get Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit
  • do or do not get benefits - like Jobseeker's Allowance or Universal Credit
  • are or are not disabled.

What Fair Start does

Fair start supports you to find work that meets your specific needs and circumstances. You should get at least 1 year of support to get a job, which might include:

  • help looking for jobs that fit your needs and circumstances
  • help with applications
  • mentoring
  • courses and training
  • personal development
  • specialist support if you're disabled

You will continue to be supported once you're in work. 

How to get Fair Start Scotland 

Your Fair Start provider depends on where you live.

The Jobcentre may refer you to your local Fair Start provider, or you can ask them to.

You can also contact the provider directly. Find your provider on the website.

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