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Citizens Advice responds to Financial Conduct Authority re-prioritisation update

13 November 2020

“When the single easy access rate was proposed in January, the FCA predicted it would save people £260 million a year. It’s vital the FCA keeps track of how much banks penalise savers just for staying loyal, and it should be ready to implement the single easy access rate when interest rates rise.

CMA water decision could cost consumers £3.7bn and sets dangerous precedent

30 October 2020

UK consumers could lose out by £3.7bn (£113.50 per household) over the next five years, if the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) sticks with its provisional decision to back four water companies' appeal against Ofwat’s next price control. This is according to new analysis released today by Citizens Advice.

New restrictions, missing protections

20 October 2020

Millions of people are now living in areas with the highest level of coronavirus lockdown. New analysis by Citizens Advice reveals a series of gaps in protections which mean people unable to pay essential bills could fall into debt or face harsh enforcement.

Citizens Advice: Seven things to check if you’re at risk of redundancy

14 September 2020

This week marks the cut-off point for companies to launch consultations if they want to make 100 or more workers redundant before the furlough scheme ends. Citizens Advice, which is helping someone every two minutes with one-to-one redundancy advice, is urging workers to check their rights are being protected.