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Citizens Advice Response to the DCC’s Consultation on proposed changes to the DCC Plan for Release 1.3

5 August 2016

Citizens Advice responds [ 110 kb] to the DCC's Consultation on proposed changes to the DCC Plan for release 1.3.

The proposed delay to the DCC is likely to result in several negative outcomes for consumers if mitigating action isn’t taken. Most pressing are the likely increase in SMETS1 meter installations and the increased pressure on suppliers to prioritise speed over value and quality of installs.

This said we understand the significant reputational and wider risks of key smart metering infrastructure such as the DCC being implemented before there is complete confidence that it will work. Most important is that this infrastructure works as has been promised and consumers are able to use a robust and reliable service from when their meters first begin using it.

On this basis we support the proposed delay but with firm caveats that close attention will need to be paid to the issues raised above - especially with regard to the pressures generated through the combination of this decision and the existing 2020 deadline. These issues will need to be considered beyond the DCC by the Government and the new Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.