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Q2: listing your health professionals

This advice applies to Wales

You need to give the DWP details of any health professional you've seen about your condition.


  • doctors, GPs, consultants and nurses
  • counsellors, psychotherapists and occupational therapists
  • people like care workers, support workers, social workers and physiotherapists
  • their contact details - in case the DWP need to know more about your condition
  • the date you last saw them 

If you don’t know the exact date you last saw them it's ok to just give the year.

If a family member or friend cares for you, add their details at question 15

Worth knowing

If you’ve not seen a health professional in the last 3 months it’s a good idea to try and get an appointment with them. 

This way you can tell them you're claiming PIP and explain the day-to-day difficulties you have so that they're up to date if the DWP contact them. 

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