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Challenging a Universal Credit decision - mandatory reconsideration

This advice applies to Wales

You can tell the DWP if you think a decision about your Universal Credit is wrong and should be changed.

It’s best to do this in writing either by sending a letter or through your online Universal Credit account if you have one. This is called asking for  ‘mandatory reconsideration’.

You’ll usually  have 1 calendar month from the date of the decision to ask for mandatory reconsideration. When the DWP have looked at the decision again, they’ll send you a ‘mandatory reconsideration notice’.

Contact your nearest Citizens Advice if you need help - an adviser can write the letter with you. Tell them the date of the DWP decision and the 1-month deadline and they’ll try to give you an appointment in time.

If a decision was made more than 1 month ago

You can still ask for a mandatory reconsideration, as long as it’s within 14 months of the decision. You’ll need to give a good reason for why you couldn’t ask within 1 month.

You should explain why you missed the 1 month deadline either by calling the Universal Credit helpline or by contacting the DWP through your online account if you have one. To help get them to accept your late mandatory reconsideration, say why it’s important they change the decision.

Universal Credit helpline number if you have an online account
Telephone: 0345 600 4272
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Universal Credit helpline number if you don’t have an online account
Telephone: 0345 600 0723
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Calls can cost up to 9p a minute from a landline, or between 3p and 55p a minute from a mobile (your phone supplier can tell you how much you’ll pay). Calling should be free from a mobile if you have landline calls included in your contract. If you want, you can call and ask them to call you back.

The DWP can refuse a late application, but if you think you’ve been treated unfairly you can make a complaint.

Appealing to an independent tribunal

If the DWP won’t change their decision you can take your challenge to an independent tribunal. The mandatory reconsideration notice will include information on how to appeal.

Read more about appealing a Universal Credit decision at an independent tribunal.

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