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Chiltern Citizens Advice (Amersham)

Contact us

Chiltern CAB Barn Hall Annexe, Chiltern Avenue

01494 545991

0344 245 1289

About our advice service

When you telephone us, we will give you a quick initial interview so that we can agree the best way to help you. We might then give you information, useful contacts, or if your enquiry is more complex, you may be offered further help either in the bureau or by us phoning you back.
If nobody is available to answer your call, you will be offered a number of choices: listening to recorded information, speaking to a different organisation; or waiting in a queue. You may choose to try again.
If you call from a mobile phone you will be asked to provide a local landline number. This is to identify where you are calling from so we can put you through to the nearest available person. It can be any landline number with a local dialling code: this will not affect your confidentiality as the number you enter will not be used for any other purpose.
If you want to save call costs from a mobile phone, a cheaper alternative number is provided when you call us.

Telephone advice times

Day Time Further information
Monday 09.30 - 12.45 and 13.15 - 16.30
Wednesday 09.30 - 12.45 and 13.15 - 16.30
Thursday 09.30 - 12.45 and 13.15 - 16.30

Access details

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Induction loop