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Record numbers of people are turning to us for crisis support as they struggle with the cost of living. We need your help to meet the unprecedented demand.

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A close up of an older man looking directly into the camera. He looks upset.

On the frontline of the cost-of-living crisis

Millions of people are struggling with the cost of living. They’re facing a nightmare they never thought they’d experience. With costs for food, housing and energy bills sky high, families are struggling to make ends meet. It’s stressful, isolating and frightening.

These increased costs affect us all, but for those in vulnerable situations they can be catastrophic. Every day we’re seeing thousands of people who need emergency support, people relying on food banks, and people who simply can’t afford to make ends meet.

No one should have to face these problems alone.

Nearly 3 people every minute

contact us seeking crisis support

Our trusted, expert advisers can give people the information and support they need to find a way through this crisis. But our services are stretched to the limit. Our volunteers and staff are working flat out, answering as many calls and seeing as many people with urgent and complex problems as they can. But we know there are many people struggling to get through to us as we try to tackle the challenge of so much more demand. We’re a charity and we need your support.

Annie’s story

A mother is sitting on a chair, hugging her baby on her lap. She looks anxious.

There’s nothing left to cut back on.

Annie, 34 years old

Annie* is a single parent with 3 children. One of her children has a disability, so she’s also his carer.

She works part-time but after she’s covered all her bills, she’s left with nothing.

Annie is struggling to get by and she’s really worried about how she’s going to cope.

It really upsets me that I’m working and yet I can't afford to buy my children winter clothes

Annie, 34 years old

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At Citizens Advice we can help guide people through this crisis. Our trained advisers help people manage their debts, make sure they’re receiving the benefits they’re entitled to and provide access to practical support.

The right advice, at the right time, can be a lifeline.

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*Disclaimer - The stories featured in our fundraising material are based on the stories of Citizens Advice clients. In some of the stories we've changed identifying details and used actors to protect our clients’ privacy.