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Money Advice Service in Wales

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The Money Advice Service: helping everyone make the most of their money

Citizens Advice Cymru is working with the new Money Advice Service to deliver face to face money advice sessions across Wales, to help everyone make the most of their money. We want to help people to take control of their finances.

We’re already well known and trusted for the debt advice services that we provide to the people of Wales (such as crisis debt management, negotiating with creditors and ongoing casework).

And we’ll be continuing that work, as there’s still a great need for it. But, we also know that if we can help you make the most of your money and make good financial choices you are less likely to end up in financial crisis. And that’s where the Money Advice Service comes in.

The Money Advice Service is an independent organisation, here to help you manage your money better. It gives clear, unbiased advice to help you make informed choices.

To make an appointment with your local money adviser, go to:

Who’s the Money Advice Service for?

In short, everyone. No matter who you are, the right money advice can make a difference to your life – because when you take steps to manage your money better, you really can live better. Less worry, more peace of mind.

Face to face money advice sessions

Whilst every one can gain from a free, face to face sessions, they are particularly useful if you’re going through changes in your life, such as:

  • moving into a new job
  • starting a family
  • taking retirement
  • setting up home for the first time
  • splitting up from a partner.

What happens at a Money Advice Service session?

Our trained money advisers can help you manage your money day to day, plan for monthly outgoings and explain money matters in an easy to understand way. And, because the service is truly unbiased, we won’t recommend any products or try to sell you anything.

It’s about clear, unbiased money advice you can trust and that can make a real difference to your life:

  • budgeting to saving
  • credit and borrowing
  • mortgages
  • insurance
  • pensions and retirement planning.

You’ll leave your session with an action plan so you know what to do next. The session should take no more than 45 minutes.

Other ways to contact the Money Advice Service

You don’t have to have a face to face session in order to use the Money Advice Service. You can also get in touch:

Money Advice Service sessions for organisations

The Scottish CAB service is building relationships with statutory, voluntary and commercial organisations at local and national level all over the country to ensure that their clients, customers, staff and volunteers have access to face to face Money Advice Service sessions.

If you would like to know more about the Money Advice Service, including how we could work with your organisation: