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Volunteer with us

Join our team of volunteers who together are invaluable to delivering our advice service and supporting witnesses. Together we helped over 2.5 million people face to face, over the phone, by email and chat in England and Wales last year.

Becoming a volunteer at Citizens Advice

Check the process for becoming a volunteer at Citizens Advice and how to apply.

Volunteer roles at local Citizens Advice

Explore the different types of volunteer roles available at local Citizens Advice, including trustee roles.

Understanding the benefits of volunteering

Learn from the experiences of current volunteers at Citizens Advice, and the benefits people get from volunteering with us.

Supporting volunteers at Citizens Advice

Find out what support you can expect from us when you volunteer, including induction, training and supervision.

Search for volunteering opportunities

Search for volunteering opportunities in your local area.

Volunteer with our Witness Service

Learn what it's like to volunteer for our Witness Service and how to get involved.