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A DMP provider will give you advice about how to deal with your debts. All debt management plan (DMP) providers have to follow rules set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), including specific guidelines about how they contact you. If you're cold-called by a DMP provider, you can make a complaint.

You might also be contacted by another company which helps you find a DMP provider. That company won't give you advice about your debts but will pass your details on to a DMP provider. If you have a complaint about that company, you should complain to the DMP provider. 

Is a DMP provider allowed to cold call you?

All DMP providers have to follow rules about how and when they contact you. The rules say that a provider can't:

  • turn up on your doorstep without having been invited, which may be called cold calling by personal visit

  • send you marketing text messages, emails or phone messages when you haven't asked for any contact from them, which may be called unsolicited contact

  • take your contact details from a third party, such as a broker, without your express permission.

If a DMP provider contacts you in any of these ways, they've broken the rules. You should make a complaint.

What to do if you've been cold called

If a salesperson or representative from a DMP provider turns up at your home without having been invited or leaves you messages when you haven't asked for contact, you don't have to talk to them or invite them in. Don't feel pressured into discussing your financial situation or agreeing to a DMP if you don't want to.

You should get the name of the company that the person is representing and think about making a complaint.

If you do agree to a visit from a DMP provider

If you've agreed to allow a representative from a DMP provider to call at your home, any service or contract you agree to with them would be classed as a doorstep sale. This will give you certain rights, including the right to cancel during a cooling off period.

Next steps

More information

You can find more information about the rules that DMP providers should follow in the FCA Consumer Credit Sourcebook on the FCA website at

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