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Subletting happens when an existing tenant lets all or part of their home to someone else who is known as a subtenant. Many tenants need permission before they can sublet.

These pages provide information and advice on housing issues if you are thinking about subletting your home and what could happen if you don't go about it in the right way.

Subletting your home

Subletting and whether tenants are allowed to sublet their home.

Subletting your home - what you need to think about first

What to think about before subletting part of your home and becoming a resident landlord.

Rights of tenants to sublet their home

Rights that different tenants have to sublet their home.

What can your landlord do about subletting?

What your landlord can do if you unlawfully sublet your home.

Rights of subtenants who live with their landlord

Rights and responsibilities of subtenants (excluded occupiers) who live with their landlord.

Rights of subtenants who do not live with their landlord

Rights and responsibilities of subtenants who don't live with their landlord.

What happens if a subtenancy is unlawful?

What happens when you are a subtenant but the tenant was not allowed to sublet their home and their tenancy ends.

Unlawful subletting of social housing - criminal offences

The criminal offences of unlawful subletting and the penalties you could face if you are found guilty.

Unlawful subletting of social housing – unlawful profit orders

Unlawful profits orders in both criminal and civil proceedings for unlawful subletting of social housing.