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Choosing and switching supplier

These pages guide you through how to choose and switch supplier, including comparing prices and service standards.

Getting a gas or electricity supply - overview

Overview and steps you should take to get a gas or electricity supply.

Choosing a gas or electricity supplier

Overview of what you should think about when choosing a gas or electricity supplier for your home.

Comparing prices for gas or electricity

Hints and tips for how you can compare the prices offered by different gas and electricity suppliers.

Energy contracts explained

Outline of fixed term contracts, rolling contracts, green tariffs and generating your own energy.

Will you be asked to pay a deposit when you sign an energy contract?

When an energy company might ask you for a deposit or connection charge.

Switching gas or electricity supplier

Checklist of the steps you need to take to switch energy supplier.

Switching gas or electricity supplier – top tips

Switching to a new gas or electricity supplier - tips to ensure your transfer to a new supplier goes smoothly.