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Switching gas or electricity supplier – top tips

This advice applies to Northern Ireland

Switching to a new gas or electricity supplier is fairly straightforward, but people can get caught out.

Follow these top tips to ensure your transfer to a new supplier goes smoothly.

Before you switch

Avoid a large final bill from your current supplier

Check your latest bill against your current meter reading. If you pay by monthly direct debit and have estimated bills, there is a risk your bills might have been under-estimated.

Use a gas and electricity price comparison website

This will save time when comparing the prices offered by different suppliers. By using the information about how much energy you have used over the previous 12 months, which must now be provided on every bill, it is likely to produce the most accurate estimate of your future costs.

You can find electricity and gas comparison tables on the Consumer Council Website.

Enirgy provides a price comparison calculator to see if you can reduce your electricity bill.

Price isn’t the only thing to take into account

Service standards, types of contract and customer satisfaction scores are all important too.

How to switch

Tell the suppliers about the switch

Tell both the new supplier and your current supplier that you want to switch.

Make a note of the contact number for both companies

This will save you time if you have any queries or problems during the process.

Read the conditions of your new agreement

Make sure you are clear about any conditions of your new agreement, such as what you can do if you change your mind about switching or any fixed period where you are ‘locked in’ to your contract.

If a salesperson visits your home

Never sign anything on your doorstep

Even if the salesperson says it is not a contract or an agreement. Don’t feel pressured to agree to anything on your doorstep.

Salespeople are not allowed to tell you that their offer will be withdrawn if you don’t agree straight away.

Make sure you get all the information you are entitled to by law

You should always get the following information:

  • a copy of the contract
  • information on the price
  • the salesperson’s name and ID number
  • details of how to make a complaint.

There's a cooling-off period when you can change your mind

You can change your mind about switching within 14 days.

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