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How to complain to your energy supplier

This advice applies to Northern Ireland

By law, all energy companies must have a set complaints procedure. If you have a problem or complaint, you should first complain to your energy supplier. You can make a complaint about any of the services or products provided by your supplier. If you aren't happy with the way they have dealt with your complaint, you can also complain about this.

This page explains the steps you should take to complain to your energy supplier.

Contact your energy supplier

Your supplier must have a procedure for dealing with complaints. You should be able to get a copy of this from their website or by telephoning them. The procedure should include names and contact details of sources of independent help, advice and information. Normally you can complain by emailing, phoning or writing to them.

Keep a record of steps you've taken to resolve the issue

It is always useful to have a note of when certain events happened. This can help to ensure that the supplier doesn't break their promises, and can assist you if your complaint needs to be taken further.

If you have made a complaint by phone, it is important to keep notes of who you spoke to and when, together with details of key points discussed and any actions that were agreed.

If you're corresponding with the supplier by email, save messages and attachments that have been sent and received. If you're corresponding with the supplier by post, it is also worthwhile keeping copies of correspondence. Make sure you keep a copy of any letters you send, including enclosures, like energy bills, and note when they were sent. The Post Office can provide a proof of postage receipt for anything you send to your supplier.

Read your meters

If your problem involves energy billing or meter readings, it is important to make a note of gas and electricity meter readings, and to record the dates on which they were taken.

Dealing with your complaint

Once you have complained, your supplier must tell you the steps they will take to sort out your complaint and how long those steps are likely to take. During this time you must work with your supplier to sort out the problem. For example, they might ask for more information from you to help them solve the problem or may need to visit your home to check your meter.

If your supplier can’t sort out your complaint

If your supplier does not solve the complaint, if you are not happy with their response or if they have failed to respond, you can contact the Consumer Council, who can investigate the complaint on your behalf.

Complaining to the Utility Regulator 

If the Consumer Council is unable to deal with your complaint or they have not resolved it to your satisfaction, they may be able to refer it to the Utility Regulator, provided that it is something that the Regulator has the legal authority to make a formal determination on.

You can find further information on how the Utility Regulator investigates a complaint on their website at

If you are not satisfied with the service you receive from the Utility Regulator you can complain to the Northern Ireland Ombudsman.

If you need more help

More information

The Consumer Council

Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
Floor 3, Seatem House
28-32 Alfred Street
BT2 8EN 

Tel: 028 9025 1600
Complaints line: 0800 121 6022

Complaints email:

The Utility Regulator for Northern Ireland

Utility Regulator (Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation)
Queens House
14 Queen Street

Tel: 028 9031 1575
Fax: 028 9031 1740

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