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Paying your energy bills

This section explains different ways to pay and the benefits and drawbacks of each method.

Ways to pay your energy bills

Overview of the different payment methods you can choose to pay your gas and electricity bills.

Quarterly billing

How quarterly billing for gas and electricity works, and the different ways you can pay your bills.

Direct debit payments

How paying your energy bills by direct debit works and the benefits and drawbacks of paying by this method.

Keypad prepayment meters

Explains what pre-payment meters are and how you can top them up, and the benefits and drawbacks of paying for your energy with a prepayment meter.

Paying your landlord for energy

When a landlord can charge a tenant for gas and electricity and the rules landlords have to follow when doing this. This information does not apply if the rent you pay is inclusive of the cost of energy or if you pay the energy supplier directly.