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Problems with energy bills

These pages explain your rights and options with energy bill problems, including unexpectedly large bills and when your account is in credit.

Problems with energy bills - overview

Common problems with energy bills and your rights and options.

Your energy bill seems too high

Some of the reasons why you might get a bill that seems very high, and what you can do about it.

Can your energy supplier put up its prices?

When your energy supplier can put up its prices and what you can do if you’re not happy about a price increase.

If you think your energy meter is faulty

What to do if you’ve had an unexpectedly large gas or electricity bill and you suspect that your meter is faulty. Meter faults are rare, so you should first think about whether there could be another reason for your bill being different to usual.

Your gas or electricity account is in credit

Your options if you find your energy account is in credit and asking for a refund. This is most likely to happen if you pay your bills by monthly direct debit.

Your direct debit payments have increased

When you energy supplier can increase your direct debit payments and your rights and options if this happens.