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Finding out who your gas or electricity supplier is

This advice applies to Northern Ireland

If you move into a new home or have lost your paperwork, you might not know who supplies the gas and electricity to your home.

There are many companies who can supply you with gas or electricity. The company which supplies gas or electricity to your home will not be the same as your local gas transporter or electricity distributor. This is responsible for the delivery, storage and emergency service of your energy. They can however tell you who your supplier is.

This page explains how you can find out who supplies the gas and electricity to your home.

Who supplies your gas?

If you live in Greater Belfast or Larne, contact Phoenix Natural Gas on 03454 55 55 55. If you live elsewhere, contact firmus energy on 0800 032 4567.

Who supplies your electricity?

If you do not know who supplies your electricity contact NIE on 0347 643 643.

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