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Renting a home

When you are renting a home it is important for you to know what you can afford and understand the kind of rental agreement you are entering into.

Find out about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant so that you can follow the rules. These pages can give you helpful information on problems you may have while renting. Find out what to do if you are facing eviction.

Renting from a letting agency - overview

Information on tenancies for letting agency tenants including agency trade bodies, charges, key questions, signing a tenancy agreement and complaints.

Statement of tenancy terms and tenancy agreements

Information on tenancy agreements and terms including the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords, and covering sham tenancies and unfair tenancy agreements.

Renting from a social housing landlord

Information on tenancies for tenants of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive or a registered Housing Association, covering rent, repairs, the right to stay in the home and introductory tenancies.

Renting from a private landlord

Rights of private tenants in protected, fixed-term and periodic tenancies, including rent, repairs and the right to stay in the accommodation.

Getting repairs done while renting

Rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants to get repairs done including how a tenant can take action if repairs are not done.

Common problems with renting

Information on the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants including repairs, provision of gas, electricity and water supplies, ending the tenancy and fixed tenancies.

Repossession by your landlord's mortgage lender

Rights of tenants facing eviction because their private landlord falls behind on with their mortgage payments and is facing repossession.

Information for landlords in Northern Ireland

Link to information on the nidirect website giving guidance on letting property, letting a room in your home, carrying out repairs, protecting tenants' deposits, giving notice to leave.

Landlord Registration Scheme

Leaflet on the requirements for private landlords to register with the Landlord Registration Scheme.

Tenancy deposits

Explains how to make sure that your deposit is safe when you rent a home, covering what a tenancy deposit protection scheme is, what should happen at the end of a tenancy and how to get your deposit back from your landlord.