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Taking legal action

Taking legal action can be stressful and expensive. It will help if you understand how the legal system works and what kind of help you can get.

These pages explain the different types of courts that make up the legal system and what they are used for.

You can find how if you are entitled to help with costs and who can give legal advice. You can also find information about how to solve your problem without going to court.

Taking a case to court without legal advice

Representing yourself in court and help you can get from a McKenzie friend.

Help with legal costs

Information on publicly-funded legal services including the green form scheme and criminal legal aid.

Using a legal adviser

Finding a legal adviser, information on using a solicitor, solicitors' costs and bills, and using a barrister through the Direct Professional Access Scheme.

Courts of law

Information on the court system covering the county court, magistrates court, Crown Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.