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Report to Trading Standards

This advice applies to Scotland

If you think a company has broken the law or acted unfairly, you might be able to report them to Trading Standards.

What should you report to Trading Standards

You should report a company to Trading Standards if, for example:

  • they misled you into buying their products or services
  • they sold you unsafe or dangerous items
  • they didn’t carry out the work properly, for example, their work left your home in a dangerous state
  • they sold you fake or counterfeit items
  • they pressured you to buy something you didn’t want to buy
  • they sold you a car that wasn't 'roadworthy' (it would cause danger if it was on the road)

You can also report retailers to Trading Standards if you think they have broken rules on products that cannot be sold to children, for example the display of tobacco. Trading Standards can issue a fixed penalty notice for some offences.

How to report a trader to Trading Standards

Contact the consumer service and tell them you want to report a trader to Trading Standards. The consumer service will assess your problem and pass it on to Trading Standards if it's appropriate. 

Advice Direct Scotland's Consumer Service 

Freephone: 0808 164 6000

What Trading Standards do

Trading Standards will decide whether to investigate your problem. If they do, they might contact you for more information and evidence. Depending on what they find out, they might take action to stop the trader from acting unfairly. For example they might educate the trader about the law or take legal action against them to stop them from trading completely.

Even if Trading Standards don’t contact you, they might use your evidence to take action in the future.

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